Reforestation Palm Oil is the
World’s First Palm Oil Supply Chain

Reforestation Palm Oil Aims to efficiently, honestly and transparently tackle the climate crisis in a multifaceted

What is Reforestation Palm Oil

From start to finish our palm oil is carbon neutral, while also contributing to considerable reforestation and ecosystem benefits. 

The palm oil industry has an historically egregious track record, with countless reports and articles on the major impacts this industry has had on deforestation and the destruction of natural habitats across all tropical regions (which are some of the most biodiverse – and sensitive – ecosystems in the world). 

We have all witnessed national, international and global conferences aimed at tackling the most pressing issues relating to climate policy, which have, unfortunately, all fallen short in achieving meaningful change. This failure has created a critical need for the annual abatement of billions of tons of carbon emissions, especially if we, as a global community, wish to remain true to the Paris Climate Accord. 

Tree Planting Technology

We use the latest tech to ensure each tree we plant is recorded and each tonne of carbon we sequestor is placed in a chain and registry. Trust and traceability are key to our processes. 

After its establishment in October 2019, Sierra Organic Palm limited (SOPL) took over two palm oil operations that were mismanaged by their previous owners in Moyamba and Port Loko districts. In both instances, the company was approached by community representatives to help with the rehabilitation of the project area and the support of the local landowners.

Currently, both operational sites underwent new independent environmental and social impact assessments, high conservation value areas studies, FPIC process including participatory mapping. These will help SOPL to establish sustainable and responsible oil palm production in the regions. Below the complex stories of those projects are stipulated in more detail.

Carbon Neutral Palm Oil

Customers and consumers are demanding carbon neutral supply chains and ingredients. We are the only company providing this. 

We plant forests on our farms, not farms on forests. We are planting and rewilding 20,000ha of forest. 

The global voluntary carbon market is exploding in size, scale and reach. Last year was a record-breaking year for voluntary carbon credits, with approximately $2 billion in value, which is a 400% growth since 2020. This year is expected to see even further growth, with the market predicted to grow to a total of $50-100 billion, which is a twentyfold growth on its current value.